Development experience for Chris Williams began at Briarcliff Development. For the duration of his 7 year stint at Briarcliff as Vice President of Development and being a starting member of Northpoint Development, Chris has developed a wide range of commercial use buildings ranging from retail strip centers, professional offices and medical buildings to 300 plus apartment buildings.

Notable Projects


               Multi Family


          Professional Office



mixed use

                 Mixed Use

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Property Management

Currently Highlands Real Estate manages over 200,000 square feet of retail, professional offices and medical facilities. As a property owner, Highlands Real Estate manages every property as if it were under Highlands ownership. Communication is key to the success of an efficiently run property to maximize potential.

Managed Properties

East Ridge  East Ridge Village Shops, Saint Joseph, MO  Approximately (160,000 Square Feet)

18,000+ SF Saint Joseph, MO Retail Space Saint Joseph, MO (Approximately 18,300 Square Feet)

Picture Hills Office Picture Hills Professional Building, Kansas City, MO (Approximately 8,000 Square Feet)

Warrensburg, MO Department of Veterans Affairs, Warrensburg, MO (Approximately 10,000 Square Feet)


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